News for April 2019

Demand for Corrugated: Could Growing Reach of China Create European Waste Mountains?

In what looks like an unintended consequence, China’s recent ban on importing rubbish for recycling looks set to have an impact on the European corrugated waste market. That’s the view of NOA, which specialises in market research into the paper packaging sector. Full Story […] Source: Container Board

Smurfit Kappa to Make Ugrades at Piteå Paper Mill in Sweden

Paper-based packaging firm Smurfit Kappa has announced an investment to make a series of upgrades at its kraftliner mill in Piteå, Sweden. Under the project, Smurfit will enhance the sustainability and efficiency of both its cooking plant and recovery boiler at Piteå kraftliner mill. Full Story […] Source: Container Board

Green Bay Paper Mill celebrates 100 Years

It’s safe to say a business lasting 100 years is an accomplishment.  Factor in the successful business is in Green Bay and a celebration is in order. Georgia-Pacific held a 100th anniversary celebration at its Green Bay Broadway Mill Monday. Full Story […] Source: Container Board

Richmond Firm Fights Glut of Plastic Packaging

The world has a packaging problem – too much plastic piling up in landfills or floating in the ocean. But Americans love convenience and there’s growing demand for perishable products shipped in styrofoam or packing peanuts.  Now, three friends from college have started a Richmond company that keeps products cool without threatening the environment. […] […]

The End of Plasticulture will Involve a lot of Cardboard

The supposed end of plasticulture is leading to an increase in the demand for machinery, and many packaging machine manufacturers see agriculture as a market niche. In this context, TMG®, a company specialized in assembly machines for mass production, is launching new lines to meet that demand. Full Story […] Source: Container Board