Market Analysis, Product Planning, and Business Planning

Market Analysis

Norton Associates works with clients to identify and evaluate new market opportunities. This involves estimating market size and locations, targeting end-use segments, and evaluating pricing, distribution channels, competitive positioning and sales strategies.

Product Planning

We work with clients in the product planning stage to help address issues such as competitive positioning, product definition and the trade-offs between product cost and customer value. These projects typically demand a thorough understanding of end-user requirements and vertical markets as well as the ability to translate those requirements into specific product recommendations.

Business Planning

Our role in the planning process can take several forms. We can serve as outside facilitators to structure and guide the planning efforts. We can conduct research and analysis to help synthesize and articulate management views by means of simple, concise planning documents. This multi-level approach offers several advantages: it allows the client management team to be fully engaged in and committed to the planning process, it leads to plans that are pragmatic and geared to implementation, and it is cost-effective.

Acquisition Support and Analysis, Business Portfolio Realignment, and Industry and Market Advisory Services

Acquisition support and analysis

We support clients’ external growth efforts by guiding them through a structured methodology for identifying, screening, assessing and prioritizing acquisition candidates. This process helps clients clarify their objectives and develop the appropriate criteria for evaluating acquisition candidates. We believe that success is not about being opportunistic, but knowing enough about what you want to recognize the right opportunity when it surfaces. We can also assist in analyzing an acquisition’s strategic fit, providing insight and objectivity to this critical business process.

Business Portfolio Realignment

We work with clients to refine their business portfolios, evaluating options for products, segments or divisions that may be underperforming or less strategically critical. We assess market, competitive and performance factors so we can identify both strategic and tactical alternatives. And we provide direction and support for communicating about the chosen option.

Industry and Market Advisory Services

Packaging is our consulting landscape. We have extensive industry background, functional experience in the field and access to the most current information about activities and developments in the packaging industry. So we can interpret and advise you on the fundamentals, competitor positioning, market expectations and key trends, whether your perspective is primarily strategic, financial or observational. We can also provide you with turnkey reports and presentations that are client-ready, for efficiency and convenience.

Work Style

Knowing Who You Are

We don’t believe consulting is a one-size-fits-all proposition. We work with you to understand your style and culture and your resources and priorities, in addition to the specific goals and requirements of the project we’ve been engaged to do.

Being Responsive

We define responsiveness three ways:

  1. Being prepared to move quickly on projects and meeting difficult deadlines;
  2. Assuring frequent client interaction and the attention of a director on every project;
  3. Listening well and responding directly to clients’ needs and business realities.

Getting the Right Results

We place critical emphasis on achieving the results our clients are seeking. We get there by combining solid business leadership principles with real-world management experience. We bring a sense of pragmatism and focus to every project, which is reflected in our ability to understand and resolve key issues and to implement practical and timely solutions. This means up-front attention to defining project goals, tight project management to assure results-producing activities, and focus on identifying and overcoming barriers to implementation. It also means leaving our clients’ employees with the skills and confidence to handle similar needs the next time around.